• Testimonial
    Had quite a fantastic experience. The team was warm and welcoming, the island was amazing, and the group that came was very special; everyone bonded exceptionally well and we made some fantastic new friends. The workouts were well balanced and the food was top notch -- it even helped to kick my sugar habit. I'd highly recommend this experience to anyone (just starting off or a seasoned fitness person).
    Jonathan, 35
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    Where to begin! The whole experience was like I was hanging out and making some incredible memories alongside a group of people that made it feel like I've known them my whole life - even though I had just met them. Everything was effortless, well thought out, and FUN! The variety of workouts and activities available was perfect for varying fitness levels without the pressure of "having to attend". Instead the team and coaches made you want to attend on your own because you were excited to. The island itself was beautiful, with so much to explore in your spare time, and the food was on point! Would highly recommend to anyone, and would love to attend future retreats.
    Madeline kurpeikis, 28
  • Testimonial
    To whoever is reading this, I would like to address that the "ACTIVATE RETREATS" experience is one that is life changing. Jenna and Kelsey provided such a positive, organized and motivational atmosphere, I cannot wait to book my next adventure with them. The food was healthy and balanced, the excursions will stay as memories for a lifetime and the workouts organized . One of my best vacations so far, and I recommend anyone to attend. The rooms were clean, balconies were huge and beds were heaven. I applaud their effort and was extremely impressed with the level of professionalism. I left the "ACTIVATE RETREATS" experience with a new desire and capability to improve my lifestyle. Thank you to the girls for such a unforgettable week.
    Ana Bogdanovic, 32
  • Testimonial

    Such an amazing vacation! I don’t remember the last time I went away where I wasn’t stressed.. between taking time off work and then having to plan the entire itinerary it can get exhausting. I felt at home here. The accommodations were amazing. The rooms are huge.. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen, living room and 2 balconies. Not to mention it’s right on the beach front so your view is amazing! 10 stars!! I felt relaxed and my body felt great! We ate very healthy and with 2 workouts a day you don’t have to get those extra workouts in before you leave for vacation. It wasn’t just a fitness retreat, there were excursions planned such as snorkeling and swimming with the sharks. So many fun activities! The hosts Jenna and Kelsey were super sweet and really brought that amazing energy! I felt motivated to do all the workouts and really push myself. Also it’s nice having a group that you spend time with, they help motivate you as well! You get to meet new interesting people and this also makes it great if you’re looking for a vacation to go on solo.

    Nicole Rosati, 28
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    Kelsey and Jenna conducted a very professional, invigorating and extraordinary retreat where I had the opportunity to elevate my fitness, breakthrough key performance targets during the workouts while at the same time connect with some fabulous attendees in a beautiful and fun-filled environment that only the vibrant energy of Jenna and rigorous coaching of Kelsey could provide. Top Marks Activate Retreats and I am looking forward to the next one in November 2019!
    Glenn Mary, 41
  • Testimonial
    My experience with Activate Retreats was awesome. The programming was very well organized and the trip leaders were inspiring and entertaining, there was never a dull moment. If you're looking for an opportunity to improve your overall wellness while experiencing the beautiful island of San Pedro, Activate Retreats is for you
    Marcus, 28